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asembl. Futures - Episode 1.

It goes without saying that the development of the internet has closed worldwide gaps. Wherever you are, there is easy 24/7 access to everyone and everything at the tips of our fingers. So, why are …

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Future Shock

180 Studios and Fact bring us a collection of goose-bump inducing digital, future-thinking creations. Deep in the subterranean level of 180 The Strand, you will discover an immersion of contemporary …

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6 must-see event venues in Amsterdam.

A mix of contemporary and traditional sitting side by side. Amsterdam is a perfect destination for travel incentives, meetings, and events, so we’ve pulled together 6 must-see venues that we think …

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Introducing asembl.

Here to solve your challenges. We have a lot of new News to share with you, and it’s fair to say that the last few months have been rather busy! We kicked off with a merger of businesses, two new UK …

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Travel incentives: visiting Dubai.

The City of Gold. Dubai has become one of our favourite destinations at asembl. because it provides the ultimate backdrop for travel incentives and corporate events.   The Emirate is commonly …

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