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Upwards facing shot of redwood trees in forest with sunlight peaking through

Round up: C&IT Sustainability Forum.

Sophie went to C&IT's Sustainability Forum, and here's what she learned... Sustainability, Carbon Offsetting, NetZero and Corporate Responsibility have been hot topics for years, but it seems …

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Collage made of portraits of different people of diverse age, gender and nationality smiling against multicolored background in neon light. Concept of human emotions, lifestyle, facial expression.

Scrap the selfies.

A lesson in authenticity and personal branding. “Authenticity” gets thrown around a lot these days, a bit like "storytelling”, and other effective strategies-turned buzzwords. It’s similar to when a …

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Maddy, 5 years of asembl.

We're celebrating Marvellous Maddy's 5-year asembl.versary! Our finance team are often hidden behind the scenes, but they're always there making sure we stay on course. The captain of the finance …

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School of fish in water. Plastic pollution and juvenile fish.

Top tips for a plastic free experience.

A life free from plastic. Did you know that we produce 400 million tonnes of plastic every year? It’s crazy to think how much we encounter plastic in our day-to-day lives, and we probably don’t even …

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