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Events: Key Insights for 2022.

A post-covid world.

We have recently been speaking to our clients, conducting some research into what some of the big companies are looking at with regards to events in a post-covid world.

Here are our key insights for 2022:

Mental Health

With enforced isolation, loved ones becoming unwell, a change of routine, reduced interactions, and increased pressure, it’s hard to escape the fact that there has been a massive decline in mental well-being since the beginning of the pandemic.

more than ever to assist their employees, which will continue to change the working environment for the future. As a result, we could see an increase in company wellness events and incentive gifts to enhance team relationships and ensure employees are taking the time to unwind.


Reimagining the Workforce

Working from home has been successful, even if it’s not necessarily what is best for us. We’ve proven we can do it and still achieve results. Some of us have had to adapt more than others but what does this movement mean for the future of the workplace?

The notion of the workplace is being reimagined. For those who can perform their roles remotely, it’s becoming a more collaborative space and environments are constantly being adapted to support this new work style. Businesses have responded positively by providing flexibility through the option of both home and office working. The future is very much pointing towards living in a hybrid world.

Something not to be overlooked is FOMO. Will non-office workers miss out on those all-important business conversations (and banter)? For some, the thought of missing out can impact well-being. We need to be ‘self-aware’ to ensure we’re getting what we need in terms of social interaction, managing workloads, and setting boundaries.

The reimagined workplace should grow the need for in-person events so that we can bring everyone under one roof, centralise communication, and build relationships.


Forming Relationships and Building Communities

A key learning that came out of the pandemic is that we need each other, and the need to belong is intrinsic to our motivation. Community building has arrived front and centre stage, whether on social media, at work, or in local community groups. As humans, we are social beings with a desire to belong that is centred around gaining acceptance and support from other members of the community.

Forming relationships and building communities are becoming more and more poignant. The lack of face-to-face can be problematic across home, social, and work. Young people have missed out on real in-person experiences that shape them and build relevant social skills they need to succeed in all areas of their lives.

For those who entered the world of employment during the pandemic, all they have ever known is virtual. This generation is incredible for the way they have adapted; therefore, we will need to be behind a proactive movement driving the importance of building in-person experiences with colleagues in the office and during events.

The Power of Live

The event world took a massive knock in the early days of the pandemic, but a lot of those who diversified with innovative ideas are still here today. No matter how efficient the digital medium is, you can’t replace live experience. We may not see giant expos where thousands of people from all corners of the globe come together for some time because people will be wary, but eventually, the power of live will draw people back together.

Without question, live experiences are invaluable for businesses and their quest to support team culture. Whether in-person or virtual, an event MUST be inclusive and leave your audience feeling valued.


Shared Experiences

The emphasis on the need for face-to-face communication and shared experience after so much time spent apart is encouraging to hear. There’s now a sense of making up for lost time, focusing on shared experiences with social engagement. We’ve seen an influx in hospitality and incentive enquiries as teams are looking for more intimate ways to connect with their clients or reward employees.

The most effective sales technique is being in front of someone and creating a personal connection. As we have all experienced, virtual fatigue can cause difficulties in reading body language, communicating clearly, and creating a shared environment which, ultimately, will impact growth.

Overseas travel has also been hugely missed so we expect travelling for business purposes to return whether it’s for meetings or employee incentives. It will be our job as event agencies to produce fresh ideas and knowledge of the relevant restrictions.


The learnings from this part of the discussion suggested that budgets are the same, however the way they’re spent will be different. There is a desire for more transparency and flexibility across the industry and even more need for a return on investment.

Ultimately our aim at asembl. is to provide our clients with an extension to their team. We will work with you to develop your objectives for the year, and with the new additions, we will be able to offer a full-service solution.

We pride ourselves on providing a transparent and honest approach in how we deliver an event that returns an added value. We are your partner, and your success is our success. Our target is to ensure you meet your objectives and connect with your audience while keeping your finance team happy.


Original Article: In2Events