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8 ways to create a refreshing event experience.

8 ways to create refreshing event experiences to avoid mental fatigue.

Despite our best efforts, events can be stressful. Anything involving travel, agendas, and large groups of humans is invariably going to get the heart pumping. It can be a lot for some delegates to deal with. But, in a good way – as it’s always worth stepping outside their comfort zones to learn new things, meet different people, and ultimately gain a fresh perspective. As in life, so in events.

Nevertheless, a long agenda can quickly lead to mental fatigue. So, what kind of self-respecting #eventprofs would we be if we didn’t continue improving the overall experience for our guests? And no, we don’t just mean ‘quiet zones’ (or wellness swag that inevitably ends up becoming what it set out to avoid; annoying clutter).

We’re talking about providing real, lasting benefits that leave people feeling that little bit lighter for days following an event. A sense of achievement; a bit like that feeling you get following a yoga class or having done a good deed.

We’re all about building legacies. That means doing things a little differently…

Here are some of the asembl. team’s top suggestions for getting the dopamine flowing and delivering a meaningful, holistic event experience that leaves a lasting impression.

1. Support Self-Development.

Build out a holistic offering by providing wider benefits to guests that will support their development journey. Workshops and seminars focused on things like leadership skills or effective communication, can provide eye-opening moments that stay with attendees for years to come.

2. Banish Brain Fog.

Mix up the typically beige event menu by providing nutritious and energising brain foods that support attendees' productivity and focus throughout the event. By offering balanced F&B options, you can avoid the dreaded post-lunch slump, sustaining concentration levels without the crash.

3. Give People a (Proper) Break.

Offer guided breaks demonstrating stress management techniques tailored to professionals in demanding corporate environments. From meditation to breathing exercises, there are many effective strategies for handling workplace stressors and protecting your sense of wellbeing.

4. Tackle Tricky Topics.

Host frank roundtable discussions where attendees from diverse backgrounds can openly share their experiences, challenges, and strategies surrounding mental health and inclusivity within their organisations, providing a platform where progress can be made across industries.

5. Facilitate Flow-State.

Create environments that promote productivity and support ‘flow-state’, by offering a comfortable hub with plenty of amenities to complete tasks, quickly and efficiently. These ambient spaces should feature things like low-lighting, soft soundscapes and sound-proof booths for video calls or deep focus work.

6. Work Smart, Not Hard.

Showcase productivity tips and technologies designed to streamline workflows, manage tasks efficiently, and reduce administrative stress. Sponsors can demonstrate practical solutions for optimising productivity, empowering attendees to work smarter, not harder.

7. Have a Health Check.

Provide on-site health MOTs or wellness checks to remind attendees to focus on their physical health, not just their professional responsibilities. Providing convenient access to this simple service not only makes a statement, but can be the catalyst that helps attendees to embark on their own wellbeing journey.

8. Follow Up for Future.

Share post-event resources such as teachings and recommended readings on topics related to mental health, leadership, and professional development. Offering ongoing support and education reinforces the event's commitment to supporting attendees’ wellbeing, beyond the event itself.

As you can see, you don’t need a huge budget to make a lasting impression. Meaningful considerations and authentic gestures can often create more of an impact than flashy tech involving VR or AI. By putting people at the top of the agenda, we can create experiences that have a positive and lasting influence. This is how you build a legacy that lasts.

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Written by Christian Apthorpe.